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The State of REITs: March 2023 Edition

The REIT sector gave up most of January’s big gains in February with a -6.18% total return. Small cap (-7.42%) and mid cap (-6.05%) REITs fell the furthest in February, with micro caps (-5.15%) and large caps (-4.74%) seeing smaller declines. Only 13.04% of REIT...

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Market Commentary | January 12, 2023

The World Repriced Investors have removed their rose-colored glasses and now perceive the world through a glass, darkly. The overarching optimism that opened 2022 is all but gone. In 2022, the S&P 500 delivered a negative 18.1% total return, its worst annual...

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REIT Total Return: Heading into 2023

Happy New Year! It is a time of reflection and self-improvement.  In that spirit, we want to take some time to examine the history of 2nd Market Capital’s REIT Total Return Portfolio (RTR) since its inception on 7/1/16 as well as a deeper dive into what happened in...

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The State of REITs: January 2023 Edition

The REIT sector ended a brutal 2022 on a low note with a -7.72% total return in December. Large cap (-4.89%), mid cap (-6.03%) and small cap (-8.21%) REITs all averaged single-digit declines in December, but micro caps (-15.21%) fell much more sharply. Only 8.02% of...

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The State of REITs: December 2022 Edition

The REIT sector achieved back-to-back months of gains for the first time in 2022, with a +3.33% total return in November. Large-cap (+5.95%), mid-cap (+5.14%), and small-cap (+3.40%) REITs all continued their recovery in November, but micro-caps (-6.57%) fell further...

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Market Commentary | December 13, 2022

Is inflation dead? This morning the Labor Department reported November’s month-over-month core inflation of just 0.1%, far below the forecast rate of 0.4% and, annualized, below the Fed’s 2.0% target rate. The Fed is expected to hike rates by an additional 50 basis...

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Market Commentary | November 16, 2022

Positioning for a return to normal Last Thursday, October's CPI stormed in at 7.7% which would normally be cause for panic, but because the figure was lower than September’s, stocks soared and interest rates fell. On Tuesday PPI came in lower than estimates,...

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The State of REITs: November 2022 Edition

The REIT sector achieved only its 3rd month in the black, out of the first 10 months of 2022 with a +8.69% total return in October. Large cap REITs (+2.92%) averaged small gains, micro caps (+7.36%) and mid caps (+8.11%) had moderate gains and small caps (+12.85%)...

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